Scarecrow in the Making & Rats in the Belfry

While I’m getting ready to go to press with Dawn of the Jaguar, I decided to add a jaguar to the title page too.

Okay, we had rats again. Maybe not in the belfry, but… So when my granddaughter and I took the dogs out for the last time last night, here are rats running all over the yard. ugh. Both havanese are super fast, but Max is the true hunter of the two. So he kept after them. I knocked another rat off the feeder, hiding in plain sight, and both dogs took after it. I don’t know if they got him or not. They’ve killed one before and I didn’t have them for a long time. Rats are very social and they avoided the property because of it. Word got back to the gang that killer beasts were on the loose back there. Hopefully, last night’s chase will be enough to detour them. But I’m not counting on it unless they killed one.

So I’m taking my granddaughter home this afternoon, trying to finish proofing Dawn of the Jaguar this morning. She helped me make part of a scarecrow out of her brother’s clothes that are too small for him now. I need to make the head and add straw for the hands. The difficulty will be making a cute head!

May be an image of child

Okay, I only have 18 more pages to proof and then upload it to the sites and it’s done. Have a super fun day! We’re off to more book reading and scarecrows and proofing!


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