Forgetting a Story Idea

For my print fans, I’ve just ordered the print book cover copy, so should have that before the release on November 30th.

I was playing with a flat black cat image and pumpkin, adding a little texture for fun.

So I was working away on proofing Dawn of the Jaguar one last time, but I had an idea for Angel Fae. No time to write it down what with little one being here overnight. I also wrote the last Jingle Bell Wolf promo blog and turned it in. And of course I have forgotten the story idea for Angel Fae. *sigh* It’s hard concentrating on a story when I have so many other things to do. lol

I copyrighted both Dawn of the Jaguar and A United Shifter Force Christmas. And I was rethinking my World of Fae map. I did update The Dark Fae with the map and a new title page. At least I finally figured out how to do the title page in Vellum. But the problem was that Vellum had different size requirements for the map page from what was posted online. So I’m now trying to redo the map again and see if I can make it fit better without stretching it.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Have a great day! I need to keep working! Maybe the story idea I had for Angel Fae will miraculously come to me too.


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