What to do with so many Stories to Write?

Bruce Clan Bear is ready to go home!

Truly, I need to write them in my sleep! I had a query from another reader about The Emerald Isle of Mists. I’ve started it but not very far along on it. It was meant to be a trilogy and I wrote the first two books and couldn’t sell them–back in the day when indie books didn’t exist. Can you even imagine a time like that?

When I first started writing, we could actually send our books to acquisition editors. But then things changed and the internet became a place to submit 3 chapters. Oh, soooo wonderful. No more typing out pages and making a ton of errors. I mean, I do on Word now, but that’s easy to fix, and fix, and fix. But typing on real paper was a different story. Then most publishers required submissions through agents. Why? Because they were getting SOOOOO many story submissions.

I ended up getting published by 3 publishers, 1 before they were even doing epubs. Then epubs came along. And long story longer…indie books were a thing where we could actually write and publish our own books on reputable book sites–Kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple and Smashwords. And then we could even have our books narrated into audio books!!

So my two orphaned books in the trilogy: The Scepter of Salvation and The Magic of Inherian were available in ebook, print, and audio book! But Kersta’s story was constantly put on the back burner because of deadline books and readers wanting more fae, more bears, more cougars, more Highland medieval stories, wolves. I’ve had The Emerald Isle of Mists TBD (date to be determined) listed in my other books forever.

I’m working on it! I will finish it. Thanks to my readers who have been waiting for it for so many years.

I’m off to work on it. At 3,000 words. So far to go, but I’m going!

Have a beautiful day!


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