Synopsis, Where Are You?

I don’t have writer’s block. I refuse to say I have writer’s block. I still haven’t come up with a synopsis for Kayla’s story. I read through the 2 books she’s in, along with Nate, trying to figure out anything that might pop out and give me a story. Didn’t happen. I started writing the story to get a feel of the characters. Still nothing. Did my usual–looking for writing prompts. Nada. Sigh.

Then I got the edits for A Christmas Wolf Story due Jan 8th, so started working on those. Have to take the dogs in for flu shots this morning. And grooming this afternoon. Granddaughter will be here during the day tomorrow, and overnight and for Saturday for her mommy and daddy’s anniversary–sooooo, I need to get everything done pronto.

Story muse, where are you? But no wonder, right????

Still working on edits for Emerald Isle of Mists also. I put it up on preorder at Amazon:

I’ll have the print version and the ebook available on all sites soon for preorder.

Did Emerald edits this morning–doing 20 pages every night, back to A Christmas Wolf Surprise. I’ve finished 85 pages and have 140 to go!

Have a great day! Mine will be hectic! I’ll probably get groceries while the dogs are groomed. My cupboards and fridge are bare.


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