Miniature Orange Roses

It was hot and sunny when I took the picture. I’ll have to take another when the lighting is better and with my camera, not my phone. The orange is just like this. Brilliant!

Have you ever seen something and wished you’d gotten it right then and there? Well, I saw these beautiful orange roses at the grocery store yesterday morning. They rarely have them, and they’re the only ones that get them. I’d never seen orange before. I have several other colors. I just adore them and this is the only place I’ve ever had success with growing them. So I picked up the orange ones and planted them and shared them yesterday. EVERYONE loved them. Me too. I decided to go back today to get the other orange one and maybe the hot pink. Pink and orange or purple and orange look great together. But they were all sold out and she didn’t know when they’d get any more in.

Sigh. So if you love something, don’t hesitate. It might not be there the next time you look.

I also picked up some bananas. I rarely eat them though I know they’re good for you. But I told my granddaughter about how I’d have them as a kid. Brown sugar and milk and bananas cutup. She asked me Monday if we could have them, but I didn’t have any bananas. So yesterday, I planned to pick a couple up and forgot. If it’s not on the list, not something I normally buy, I forget. Since I couldn’t find my roses, I grabbed a couple of bananas.

Tomorrow is her graduation from preschool, so we’re celebrating!

Have a beautiful day! I’m off to write–finally.


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