Black Bear Art

I loved this photo I took of the black bear at Cameron Park Zoo, but I never liked the background. I usually didn’t capture one this good of him. He’s showing his backside or not visible, etc, so I really wanted to do something more with him.

Okay, so I managed 3,000 words yesterday on Highland Wolf. I’ve been filling in the blanks, scenes that I put a note to write later, or adding snippets that were loose ends that I mentioned that I needed to show they happened. Another thing that really worked was when I was writing a particularly mundane activity, I added conflict. Sometimes I would elude to a problem that could come up–but then didn’t use that plot device to really present a conflict, so I ran with it. Those can be red herrings, but sometimes I just need to turn them into the conflict! Easy peasy.

And I figured out the heroine’s flaws. Now I have a perfectly hot hero–who needs some flaws also. I have to run errands today, but after that, Lachlan, tell me what bothers you the most? What are your deepest fears? What are YOUR secrets?

Okay, so have to run. Onward and upward!

Enjoy your day!


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