Moody Blues–Great Blue Heron Art

Playing with textures and a landscape and the blue gray heron I took a picture of. It was fun to create the blue mood.

Managed 2,000 words yesterday and put down bark mulch to try to retard the weeds. And of course, NO WAY was I going to get any more plants. Not with it being 100 degrees heat index. BUT somehow a couple of plants jumped right on the cart that was loaded down with bark mulch and dirt. I have this big depression in one area that I’m always stumbling in, so finally got some topsoil to fill it in.

Yellow coneflowers. I don’t think I’d seen any before. I need to catalogue all the colors I have, but I just had to add these to the collection. So, yep, they came right home with me.

Hope you all have a fun day. I’m off to more errands, will pick up some more bark mulch and back to writing.


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