Shades of Gray–Rhino Art

I took the photo at some zoo, don’t remember which now, Rhinos coming and going. It took me about 3 days to work on this, trying different layers, not liking the end result, trying something else. That’s what I love about doing art on Photoshop. It’s easy to start over again and you don’t waste any precious, expensive materials to do it.

But Rhinos, I must say, were difficult to work with to put them in a more…beautiful light. I thought about making the scene bigger and making them smaller, but I liked the original photo and their size because they are so big, and I wanted to keep it that way to show how truly impressive they are. Can you imagine one sitting on you? That would hurt. Not to mention if one chased you down with its big horn, though stepping on you would hurt lots too.

I only got 1,000 words on word count yesterday. Edits and trying to fill in scenes can be a job. I also planted the yellow coneflowers, cut back tree branches, pulled weeds, and filled in part of that indent in the yard. It’s a lot wider and deeper than I thought. No wonder I kept stumbling in it. It only took me 7 years to do something about it.

Come on now, don’t tell me you never procrastinate about anything.

Little one is here and we have a million things to do. So off I go.

Have a great one!


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