Mauve/Pink Daylilies

I think these are my favorite colorwise. They’re so soft with a little ruffled edge, a green and yellow throat. Just so pretty.

So I had to laugh at my dogs yesterday. They are so routinized that they go to their crates for a nap after lunch (because I would put them down for a nap when I put my granddaughter down for one so they wouldn’t wake her) that even when she’s not here, off they go.

Well, they hadn’t even had lunch yet, and I saw them both go into my bedroom. What mischief were they up to? I’ve caught Tanner sleeping on my bed before, a no-no, but of course when I catch him, he’s flying in the air, pretending he wasn’t snoozing on my bed. Nope, here they are. Both of them. Lying down in the crates, heads up, waiting for me to come and give them a treat and shut their crates. Now Tanner will go in there to sleep on his own throughout the day if I don’t shut the door so he will sleep out here with us.

They didn’t move. They just waited. “Come,” I said. “Time for lunch.” And both raced to their training cot where they lie down and wait for me to serve up lunch. “Break,” and they’re released to get their meal. Then potty break and once we’re in the house, they race for their crates. lol Now, it’s naptime.

Hope you all have a terrifically wonderful day.


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