Almost nothing Would Grow Here!

Several of these plants are volunteers. The pine tree in the back left corner by the fence was there originally, part of the old growth forest before the homes were built. There’s a holly bush behind it that is also a volunteer that must have been in the old forest. The Magic Purple Crepe Myrtle on the far left in the foreground is one that I planted. the rosebush that you can’t see except for one orange flower on the far left behind the purple crepe myrtle I planted. And the Esperanza that makes beautiful trumpet like yellow flowers is behind the purple crepe myrtle, near the center of the photo and in the back at the bottom some red miniature roses that need to be moved so they do better. Everything else, the hot pink crepe myrtles, other pine trees, youpon holly trees, those are all volunteers.

Those are filling up areas where nothing would grow. Nothing. Now I have a bonanza of color. Never give up. Never surrender. They just needed more shade to do well in this hot environment.

It’s great for color, helping to soundproof the yard a bit since we’re all so close to neighbors, creating a little slice of paradise, making it appear that we’re not all on top of each other, and providing more shade, and safety for birds.

Have a super fun day! Need to get started on mine!


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