Relative Danger–Now in Print!

I loved Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes when I was growing up. But we had some family murder attempts for money also, greed, a shady lawyer who was a relative, just all kinds of cool things to think about while I was writing this story. Nope. You won’t see the real murder attempts in this story, but I have sprinkled them through others to protect the guilty. The shady lawyer? Yep!


CoverInked did the cover. Love it!

Murder, mayhem, and family secrets abound when some beneficiaries of an insurance magnate’s last will and testament plot to get their money early. During a week of togetherness orchestrated by her not-quite-departed uncle’s will, headstrong heiress McKenna Sutherland has to team up with resort manager Thomas Hampton, the man who stole her heart five years ago, or she’ll lose her inheritance—to him! McKenna and Thomas need to uncover the villain among a cast of colorful characters who have joined them for the week, each of whom has a stake in the ultimate outcome—Uncle Sheldon’s money, and loads of it. Thomas’s job is to keep Sheldon’s faked death a secret, while he makes sure McKenna isn’t next on the killer’s hit list. With everything around them a lie, can Thomas regain McKenna’s love and trust before it’s too late?




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I already walked each dog this morning and it’s muggy! It was only 85 yesterday so I managed to get some more weeding done. After I cool down from the two walks, I’ll tackle some more weeding this morning. I’m sure it’s going to heat up again. We had a little rain, but not enough to register in my rain gauge I don’t think.

I’m up to chapter 15 on Deadly Fortunes, have 6 more chapters to proof. Then it’ll be ready, but I have to wait on the new cover and then I can republish it.

I started the second in the series, but when I couldn’t sell to anyone (you know, before indie was an option), I put it on hold and then never got back to it. One of these days, I will!

I bought four more covers. What was I thinking? They’re gorgeous though. I just need to write faster. lol

I need to finish editing Deadly Fortunes and then finish writing Lachlan’s story! They’ll be asking for the synopsis soon and I haven’t finished the story.

Have a super wonderful day!


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