Big Cat Magic–Now Available!

A new cougar shifter story to continue the Yuma Town, Colorado cougars’ series.

Where magic becomes reality.

Rosalie Squire needs a place to raise her teenage stepbrother, Eric, away from civilized towns. She’s a cougar, he’s a snow leopard and a handful. She and her brother inherit a mansion that’s been abandoned for years. Inheritances from their parents and their dad’s cousin, the income from writing her popular spell caster novels, and sales from Eric’s fantasy artwork, when she can get him to focus on it, gives them the financial backing to manage the estate. Wild Ridge Mansion is near Yuma Town, is truly worthy of being called a haunted house, and it’s nearly Halloween!

Cougar shifter Kolby Jones is busy working on his bosses’ horse ranch as a ranch hand near Yuma Town, when he swears he sees a snow leopard off in the distance. He knew he’d partied too much with the other ranch hands the night before in celebration of delivering a foal that day. He had too much work to do to chase phantoms of his imagination. But when he learns someone new has taken over the forsaken Wild Ridge Mansion just down the road from the Havertons’ ranch, he soon discovers a whole new world of mystery, magic, and mayhem.




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Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

I turned in the book I was editing, and I’m back to Roxie’s story! And I got LOTS of weeding done. I might cut down a couple of more pine trees. But I still have a couple of more flowerbeds out front to weed. It’s getting there though!

So I’m off to work!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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