Today is Our Turkey Day!

Kids and grandkids were sick all week, so today we’re having our turkey and all the goodies. 🙂 I need to start it at 9. It is pouring rain out, so the dogs won’t go out. I’ll probably have to make them go out on leashes.

They snuck out when I was working on the Christmas lights out front yesterday though. Naughty dogs.

It always amazes me that the beta, Max, will take off, and the alpha, Tanner, stays near me. So when I called to Max, he was not going to return. I said, “Do you want a treat?” Tanner will always take the bait, but he wasn’t the problem. Max wanted his freedom. So I tried another tactic. “Bad dog, Max.” And that did it. He’s more sensitive. Tanner, if I’m scolding him, will wag his tail off. Max feels bad if I scold him. He turned around and looked at me.

“Come here, Max.” And he came. Finally. I carried him in the house because I didn’t trust him to follow me inside. Tanner happily ran beside me, just eager to be with me. Yet, when we’re inside, Max always wants to be in my lap. Tanner gets too hot. Though he tries to sneak off to his crate so I don’t groom him, lately, after I’ve been combing Max out, Tanner wants his turn. Go figure.

Anyway, crisis averted.

I was supposed to get the dogs groomed yesterday, but the groomer ended up getting sick. This upper respiratory illness accompanied by fevers has really hit our area hard.

Okay, I’m off to work on a story. Have a great day! We’re having our turkey finally! Family and turkey? What could be better? Yay!


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