Giraffes Nuzzling–A Good Morning Kiss

Original photo taken at the Dallas Zoo.

I was trying to finish proofing Her Wolf for the Holidays so I could concentrate on Highland Wolf this weekend. I don’t like to have too many projects with deadlines hanging over my head so it was either get my word count and work on both again today, or finish proofing and concentrate on the new book all weekend long.

So I finished proofing the one book, turned it in and I even managed 458 words on the new book. We had wild thunderstorms this morning, so couldn’t take the dogs out. They will not go out in storms. I don’t blame them.

It’s still dark out, no more thundering, with possible storms this evening.

Okay, that’s it for the wild Texas weather report.

Off to get some tea made, the dogs out, in, fed, out, in, and begin really getting after this story. Only 3500 words to go– to make the 80K minimum word count.

Have a super day!!


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