The Flowers are Blooming!

I managed to get 4000 words yesterday on the book so that I now have the minimum word count! Woohoo. I printed out the first 100 pages and edited them last night, so typing in the changes now.

My raised flower bed has grass in it that I didn’t want to cover and kill off because I wanted to move it to bare spots in the yard and finally did some of that this morning. I need to transplant some tomato plants that are doing really good, but they need more space. I don’t need that many really. Maybe I’ll put one out front and share it with the neighbors. Or I can just give the tomato plants away if anyone would like them! When they start producing, they make a million little sweet tomatoes.

Okay, I’ve got to work on the book today. My new goals is to make 6,000 more words and finish this puppy up.

Have a beautiful day!


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