Grosbeak in the Garden

We rarely see them. Only like in the spring when they’re on their way to somewhere else and I only see one. But he was great at posing for me. The background is a tree I had taken a picture of in the fall and then added textures over so it looks kind of Monet-ish.

So I woke in the middle of the night thinking I needed Christmas stuff earlier and a different opening on white wolf. I’ll open with an office Christmas party at the white wolf PI agency. I’ll just move the other part that I started to the place after that. It’s all a great few scenes and 12K, so no way am I starting over from scratch.

Have little one here today We had 4.5 inches of rain, maybe more. We walked to the mailbox and I’ve been pulling out wild grape and a thorny vine and tons of oak seedlings all over the yard. Possibly more rain on its way and the mosquitoes are coming out.

Have a fun day!


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