Sparrow of Hawaii

They look just like the mainland sparrows. I wish I could of seen some of their unusual doves though.

Another busy day. I keep having to remove the sky pencil? hollies. I pulled one yesterday. I’ve had them for 8 years, but I just lose one after another. My motto is if they can’t survive the heat (and or cold), they don’t belong in my garden. I strive for low maintenance gardening–and some of my flowerbeds are truly easy to maintain once the plants took over and discourage the weeds. That’s in the backyard where I have more shade. Out front, that’s another story. I think the soil is really poor, though I add good soil and bark mulch every year to the flowerbeds.

I’m off to weed some. It’s not quite so hot this morning and I pulled up a tomato plant that has only yielded one tomato. The midget tomato plants are full of blossoms and still producing.

Just have one of the grand kids today, so hope to do some more weeding for a while and she can work on her spelling words and math page before we leave for the movie!

Have a fun day!


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