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Only the Shadow Knows

evil squirrel has got my food (640x611)The evil squirrel has got my food.~~Sparrow

Mine! All mine!!!~~Juvenile squirrel

Focusing was a challenge. I was trying to focus on the bird, which I did, but sometimes it would focus on the squirrel, and sometimes on the house behind the bird. So I was well pleased when the “evil” squirrel looked like a hulking shadow, ears, tails and all as he’s sitting on top of the feeder, and the bird is hoping he’ll leave soon so he can get a beak or two of seed.

I’m nearly done on rereading/editing Loving the Silver Wolf one last time. I always print out pages as I’m working, so I can get away from the monitor and edit the ongoing book. But at the end, I find changing the View to Read really helps me to catch more mistakes. Somehow, not sure how, I had a chapter out of order. And I had a sentence that indicated the heroine knew about something she shouldn’t know about yet. In movie lingo this would be Blurpers. 🙂

But I’m also finding all the loose ends, and either fixing it on the page I’m working on, or jotting down notes so I can be sure to add something in that will explain what had happened later. I love this point in the manuscript because the book is done. It just needs a little bit of smoothing. 🙂

Okay, off to work on the book and then after that, I’ve got to work on the long synopsis for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing due on Monday. And then I have to edit A Very Jaguar Christmas. And then, I’m off to work on The Viking’s Highland Lass!!!!

Have a super great Sunday!


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