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The Dangers of Yard Work

cardinal side 003

Do you see the elusive cardinal?

Okay, so yesterday was a glorious summery day, wind blowing, warm, beautiful, and I went out to rake. I startled a bunny from the jasmine ground cover as I raked the leaves from it and I swear it looked like a jack rabbit. But it moved so quickly before I had even spied it tear off, that it probably was only a bunny. Jack rabbits have really long ears and legs, and this one looked like one, but I would have had to have really seen more of it to be sure. However, with a road runner here too, it could have been.

So with the eau de skunk permeating the air, I was out raking. The one rake fell apart in my hands. The second worked, but it wasn’t broad enough for me as many leaves as I had to move, and so I went to the third rake, and it blistered my hand.

cardinal side 005

There you have it. I can fight mountain lions, battle snakes, fight for my life in the jungle, or against Highland warriors of old. But go rake some leaves and I’m wounded.

Now, if you read Jaguar Fever, I have where we have a wounded hero and the heroine has to get him some bandages, but all she has are animal bandages. You think I make all this stuff up, right?

So here I am looking for a bandage and what do I find? Toothy shark bandages as they’re ready to take a bite. LOL

Yep, so I now have a blue shark bandage on my hand as I type away. Where I got them from or when, I haven’t a clue.

And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

What are the most fun bandages you’ve ever had? Or do you get those sheer ones so that no one knows you have a boo-boo?

If you want to know if I’m for hire for raking leaves? No. I’ve decided I have a princess’s delicate skin and photography is more my style. Oh, and writing about all this stuff. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”