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Birds on the Brain

Okay, first, I want to assure you that I did get word count, and made up for a 1,000 for another day. I moved furniture in the morning, unpacked 4 boxes, and even walked around the block to get my mail. I answered numerous spam calls, and really, I have been working. But….then the BIRDS came.

And that meant hurrying to open the blinds and hope not to scare them away, grab my camera and take some shots.

Golden Finches?

Golden Finches?

Close up of the two golden finches?

Close up of the two golden finches?

Now this little dude was dancing around and wouldn't sit still for a picture. Purple finch? House finch?

Now this little dude was dancing around and wouldn’t sit still for a picture. Purple finch? House finch?

Bluebird cocking his head

Bluebird cocking his head

He really, really wanted to go down to the feeder below.

He really, really wanted to go down to the feeder below.

Two sparrows and a cardinal that I missed, swooped in to see the seed, but no takers. A sparrow was eyeing it from the fence, but he wouldn’t buy it. I have seen a bunch of these birds land on my grass and peck around the day before. Maybe they’ll get braver.

Okay, so remember about the work I have to do on the manuscript? I need to write 6,000 words to catch up. I had 7,000 yesterday, so whittling away at it. 65,000 to go!

Have a great Saturday!!! I know what I’m going to be doing. Do you?


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I don’t normally post twice in a day, but this was so important, I had to post about it because it’s the only day it will EVER be the BOOK OF THE DAY. 🙂 So here it is. One last day at 99 cents and it will be forever and ever gone. Probably. 🙂

My computer is broken. 🙁

I got a finch feeder and finch food, but no one’s come to eat. Did I do it wrong???

I’m off to eat lunch, but had to share….