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Giant Swallowtail and Storms

It’s been a morning and a half. About 2 months ago, I reinjured my shoulder where I’d torn the rotator cuff. It took a year to heal. But thankfully, in 14 years, it was fine. Until I reinjured it. I think it was lifting all those 40 lbs of bags of mulch, 18 of them about 2 months ago. Anyway, it kept getting worse and worse and worse. The first time, I had a frozen shoulder and could only raise my arm part way. I had to have surgery. It’s not as bad this time, but it aches constantly and so sleeping is intermittent.

So this morning I was in awful pain as usual, and I just gave up on it and began editing the book again at 4 am. We’ve had torrential storms from the tropical storm and had 9″ of rain already. I had to take the dogs out on their leashes to get them to do their duty. NO WAY were they going out in the lightning and thunder and pouring rain to do anything. They could hold it. Right. lol But if I took them out, they felt a little safer.

Anyway, so I’m up to ch 15, trying to still figure out how to end this. If I could get a couple of good nights of sleep, maybe I could figure it out!

I had made so many changes, so many new scenarios, so many shifts of scenes that I need to see if it was all working. So far, so good.

Have a great day! I love the rain. I wish it would spread out a little and not all come at once though!


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