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No More Vacation–Time for the Real World

Returning home means reality sets in! Writing daily goals, taking care of the dogs (I spent hours combing out Max yesterday and need to work on Tanner today), WEEDING the flowerbeds, have three bear orders waiting on me, etc.

Koi at the arboretum in MN, a sleeping fairy at my friend’s house, and then my gardens: zinnia flowerbed, golden zinnia, and the lilyturf (liriope)’s purple flowers are blooming, and purple magic crepe myrtles are in full bloom.

Last night, I was working on one of the flowerbeds out front after getting my word count and grooming Max, and man was it awful. Not only was it still 103 heat index, dripping wet humidity, but the mosquitoes were ravenous. I covered myself in insect repellent, but apparently not well enough. So when they found my ankles, I was trying to kill them as fast as they were landing. Not fun. And finally gave up, making a hasty retreat to the house.

But I was determined to do it again this morning because I have 7 flowerbeds out front filled with zinnias and weeds. I finished the one from last night, another out front that was filled with weeds, and 2 that weren’t bad. My hands hurt–the weeds and grass roots are dug in all the way to China, and I was soaked from the high humidity, so came in and will try for the last 3 beds tomorrow. They are really bad too. If it hadn’t been so hot and humid, I would have just stayed out there and finished all of them. Hate not getting something done. But…at least 4 are done! I kept thinking if only it was 59 degrees out. That’s what the temperature dropped to this morning AFTER I left Minnesota!!!

Reached 21,000 words yesterday on the new story! 59,000 to go!

As you can see, I still have to take my pictures. lol

I’m off to write! Have a wonderful day!!!!


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