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I’ve Got a Cover!

Silver Wolf Christmas-300 500 x750

And more bear orders! I have 4 now to work on. And I have 70 pages left to go over on A Silver Wolf Christmas. And of course that means She-Wolf is on hold for the moment. I hope to finish A Silver Wolf Christmas today and then get back to She-Wolf. It doesn’t mean I have quit on it. I wrote some more the night before last, just haven’t typed up my notes, and I was reading through the 1st 50 pages again to ensure I’m going in the right direction.

I also went over the changes to Hawk Fae last night, but two mistakes still exist, so once those are changed, I can approve it.

Well, the puppies just woke up, again, so bathroom break time. They woke me at 5 am this morning. I tried to ignore them, because 6:00 has been their get up time for most mornings. And I’d rather sleep until 6. But…ignoring them didn’t work.

I tried the collar on Tanner yesterday to see if I could get him used to listening to direction with it. He was sooooo good, but recently, he’s come into the terrible twos. He’s 5 mos old, and when I tell him to come, he used to run to me, now he sits and just gives me that look that says, “Make me.” So I put Max’s training collar on him while we were outside. He hadn’t a clue what was telling him to listen to me, and he kept attacking Max, thinking he was giving him grief.

So when we went inside, I began editing A Silver Wolf Christmas and the next thing I knew, the collar was sitting on the floor and both dogs were staring at it. I do need to begin training him though. Max is sooooo much better behaved and I can take him out and normally he comes to me with either a nudge from the collar or without it at all.

Max's Glamorous Look

Max’s Glamorous Look

Okay, they really want out, so off to do potty duty.

And we’re back and they didn’t have to go….grrrr.

Have a great Tuesday! I have the 2 Facebook parties to do today, so hope to finish A Silver Wolf Christmas before that!

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