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Interesting Doors…

Weird things fascinate me. These doors were in Savannah, Georgia. I was having a discussion about doors with my daughter yesterday, and she was telling me that they put temporary doors on the homes they’re constructing because thieves steal the doors. Huh? Who would have ever thought it.

Okay, so maybe doors are more of a precious commodity than I thought. But unique doors fascinate me.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 135 (533x800)
This one was at the Cotton Exchange.
Cotton Exchange (533x800)

And these were taken in Salado, Texas. These doors might look like ordinary doors, but they were only about 5 feet tall, if that? Little tiny doors. And very narrow.

tiny inside doors (533x800)

I found it fascinating on the doors of this period in all of the old houses redone as shops and how many of them had windows above.

door with window above (533x800)

Back to writing! Reached 55,000 last night, but still 5,000 short for the week on A Highland Wolf Christmas. *sigh* With the holidays coming up, I’m running out of time! But I remind myself when I started this venture, I had Chapter 1 written. As in the heading: Chapter 1. Not the whole chapter. So 25,000 to go! Much better than 25,000 done and 55,000 to go!

Oh, and while I was talking to my daughter about Halloween and how some have over a 1,000 trick-or-treaters at their door–wow, she was telling me how she had one girl show up in a bra and panties–about 14. Who let her out of the house dressed like that???

Have a super Sunday!!!

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