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Trying to Spread Some Winter Cheer with My Wolves!

In the more northern reaches of the States, my friends have been buried under snow. And they’re tired of it. They sent me pictures, and feeling for them, while I’m planting my new plants and it’s 70 degrees out, I sent my wolves to warm them up.

What else could I do??? That’s what werewolf friends are supposed to do, right? Send in the pack to help?

So here’s what happened when they arrived. It was time for a photo op.

Donna snow wolves text bigger copy

The first is in Minnesota. The second is in Chicago area.

Bonnies wolf deck snow text copy

And now I’m back to edits on A Highland Wolf Christmas.

Highland Wolf Christmas-300 (390x640)Which means, I’m back to hibernating…

polar bear clarity (800x533)

But not sleeping!

But I’ve been tossing around the idea of working on a shorter book for Bella’s wolf pack in Heart of the Wolf, and one for the lost Arctic wolf pack that is currently homeless. 🙂

Are you interested?

Cougar’s Mate, the first in the series will be coming out soon also!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”