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Stand Alone Titles vs Series

When I start a book, it’s standalone.  My wolf series started with Heart of the Wolf. I LOVED writing about wolves as shifters based on real wolves, but with romance and adventure, mystery and humor, and all that good stuff. Now, I wrote Heart of the Wolf, loving it, but when we write, trying to get a book published, that’s another story. However, publishers aren’t looking for standalone titles. They can’t build readership that way. And authors need readership. But if we can’t sell the first book in a “series,” why write a series of unsaleable books?

I was determined to sell a wolf book though, because I loved the idea. So I started writing Destiny of the Wolf.  They’re different wolf packs, same world, but don’t meet. So I solved the problem with writing a series that I couldn’t sell, sold Heart of the Wolf, and then added a mystery wolf who is in the first 4 standalone wolf titles. You see, I never knew if my publisher would keep buying the wolf tales.

I like standalone series myself. I like to finish a book and know it’s finished, and I love reading about characters I loved in the other stories who now get stories of their own. The same with my readers. I think I’ll write a story, some will like it, and the book won’t catch on, but I don’t intend to write more of them, even if I love the story. Then I get so many requests for more, I have to write them. And I love it.

In the books featured below, this is a series within a series. Again, who knew it would happen? Not me. But my first book about the Navy SEAL wolves was To Tempt The Wolf. Then A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, A SEAL Wolf Christmas, and next year, SEAL Wolf Hunting.

Again, it’s like I had more characters that came to life and needed their own story. I read a blog where an author doesn’t like writing series. Granted, they take more effort. We have to remember details from earlier books, and if you have so many series going at the same time as I do, that can be a real challenge. But I want to write for my readers. And if that means I write about characters that readers have fallen in love with, I’ll do it. Case in point in the SEAL stories. Hunter, in To Tempt the Wolf, has a very annoying sister. But so many of my readers wanted to see her story, I had to write it. And A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing was born. Everyone wanted to see who could tame his sister. I had a ball, and that was my 9th book and it made USA Today Bestseller.

SEAL Wolf Hunting

A SEALinWolfClothing SEAL Wolf Hunting

To Tempt the Wolf

To Tempt the Wolf: His love has the power to transform… or destroy…

A SEAL Wolf Christmas

A Christmas paranormal romance with the hot combination of a sexy Navy SEAL hero with werewolves, from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear.

So I write standalone titles every time. Truly. But sometimes, oftentimes, they turn into series. 🙂 <3

What about you? Do you enjoy reading: Standalone titles? Standalone Series? Cliffhanger Series where you have to read them in order or you’re totally lost?

Have a great Tuesday! I finished writing Phantom Fae and now am working on edits! 🙂

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