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Ready for More Cougars? & A Giveaway!

cougars coming (640x427)

Many know I write wolf and jaguar shifters, but I wasn’t sure how well cougars would be received. Like with the exotic big cats, jaguars, and the wolves, with cougars, I do a ton of research to make the big cat shifters as realistic as possible based on their other animal half.

Cougar’s Mate has been well loved and so Call of the Cougar will be out by December. Earlier, if I can manage. I’m trying to finish up A Silver Wolf Christmas revisions today, then tomorrow start working on the end of Call of the Cougar. It’s nearly done! Just needs another 15,000 words and an ending. That helps, you know. 🙂 <3

And, I have one of the new Steampunk Bears completed–this one with a suede vest. All the ones I’m making now are sold. 🙂 <3 But this shows the faux leather hat I created for this bear also, and I’m making more of the same hat for the rest.

Steampunk Bear with Suede Vest

Steampunk Bear with Suede Vest

But after I complete orders, I’ll be making a new one that will be for sale.

So, to continue my giveaways to lead up to our release on Tuesday–if you’ve read my jaguar and cougar shifters, what do you like about the differences? If you haven’t read them, what do you think would be the advantage of loving one big cat shifter over the other? And who’s in favor of a bear shifter? One winner will receive an ebook copy of Cougar’s Mate.

If I do that, it will be a long time in the future! Swamped with other book writing have-to’s, but I love hearing what everyone wants to read. I wasn’t sure how well the jaguars would go over, because so many love the wolves. But they’ve been highly successful. Since cougars are so different, I wasn’t sure how they would manage. And they’re doing great! Bears are so lumbering, it’s hard to see them as hunky shifters, but I’m sure it could work somehow. 🙂

Off to work on A Silver Wolf Christmas and then turn it over to the next phase of the process.

And only 2 more days and Tall, Dark and Paranormal will be in your hot little hands! 🙂



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