Ready for More Cougars? & A Giveaway!

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Many know I write wolf and jaguar shifters, but I wasn’t sure how well cougars would be received. Like with the exotic big cats, jaguars, and the wolves, with cougars, I do a ton of research to make the big cat shifters as realistic as possible based on their other animal half.

Cougar’s Mate has been well loved and so Call of the Cougar will be out by December. Earlier, if I can manage. I’m trying to finish up A Silver Wolf Christmas revisions today, then tomorrow start working on the end of Call of the Cougar. It’s nearly done! Just needs another 15,000 words and an ending. That helps, you know. 🙂 <3

And, I have one of the new Steampunk Bears completed–this one with a suede vest. All the ones I’m making now are sold. 🙂 <3 But this shows the faux leather hat I created for this bear also, and I’m making more of the same hat for the rest.

Steampunk Bear with Suede Vest

Steampunk Bear with Suede Vest

But after I complete orders, I’ll be making a new one that will be for sale.

So, to continue my giveaways to lead up to our release on Tuesday–if you’ve read my jaguar and cougar shifters, what do you like about the differences? If you haven’t read them, what do you think would be the advantage of loving one big cat shifter over the other? And who’s in favor of a bear shifter? One winner will receive an ebook copy of Cougar’s Mate.

If I do that, it will be a long time in the future! Swamped with other book writing have-to’s, but I love hearing what everyone wants to read. I wasn’t sure how well the jaguars would go over, because so many love the wolves. But they’ve been highly successful. Since cougars are so different, I wasn’t sure how they would manage. And they’re doing great! Bears are so lumbering, it’s hard to see them as hunky shifters, but I’m sure it could work somehow. 🙂

Off to work on A Silver Wolf Christmas and then turn it over to the next phase of the process.

And only 2 more days and Tall, Dark and Paranormal will be in your hot little hands! 🙂



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34 thoughts on “Ready for More Cougars? & A Giveaway!

  1. Can’t wait for 2 days…. well I guess I will as I immerse myself in Her Highland Hero. Loved the real portrayal of a woman’s restricted choices in this time period’s royal regimens. You teach history and social and political realities while we are entertained in a intriguing story. Thanks for a great read.

    • Thanks so much, Roberta! It is really fun going back in time and showing the political intrigue and how that interacted with the royals. I always think I’d much rather been in a court, someone important, but one wrong move and off with your head. LOL Have fun with those medieval Highlanders!!! 🙂 <3

  2. Since both cats would reflect their real animals selves, I think it would be up to their human half that would make the difference.

  3. I just love shifters. It doesn’t matter what kind of cat. They are all beautiful. I would definitely read a bear shifter. I am a big collector of plush bears. I have hundreds in my my house. Currently collecting Charlie Bears from England.

    • LOL, thanks, Marta! I love the humor in them. I don’t plan it that way, it just happens. I think that’s the best kind of humor. As I was reading over Call of the Cougar, I kept laughing. The characters are such…characters. Lots of fun, intrigue, suspense, and loving. 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂 <3

  4. I love shifter stories no matter what animal they shift into! Each animal has unique traits that when added to the different human personalities create such interesting characters! Bears are generally grumpy and lazy, but they are also big and powerful so they make for wonderful heroes too!

  5. I would love to read about bear shifters. I’m confident that you could write a hunky bear. I think the difference between jaguars and cougars would be the along the lines of cougars being more patient and jaguars being more aggressive.

    • Thanks, Lisa! 🙂 Well, the only bear shifter story I ever read was a beautiful Norwegian tale about a polar bear prince. It was my very first shifter story and I loved it. I fell in love with the prince and wanted to remove the curse. But when I began to write my own shifter stories, they are who they are, and love being shifters. Thanks!! 🙂 <3

  6. I’ve read a lot of books lately with the bear shifters and the more I read, the more I like! As for the wolves and cats. I honestly don’t notice much in a difference between the two. Both treat the others pretty much the same, although, the cats tend to be more of a loner than the wolf. I love them all.

    • Thanks, Cindy. 🙂 <3 In my books, I show them based on their wild nature, so wolves mostly live in packs or there is the occasional loner. The cats are different from each other too. The one is hunted, while the other is exotic, and considered one of the roaring big cats. I love showing how different their worlds are from each other. 🙂

  7. love your cougar shifters. I’ve read several books lately with bears and they are great. What ever you decide to write as long as it’s paranormal will be something to look forward to. Love seeing your bears you make .

    • Ahh, thanks so much, Sonia! I think it would be fun to try out. I’ve had some bears in the stories, but they’re all real bear. Or…were they really? Hmmm Thanks on the teddy bears!!

  8. No need to add my name for drawing as I already ave the book. I can’t choose between the jaguars and cougars. I have read them all and loved each one. I love bear shifters and feel sure I would enjoy yours as well. I also read your historicals, lol. Can’t wait for next one. read Bound By Danger last week and would love another to follow that one.

    • Thanks so much, Lin!! I’m so glad you enjoyed Bound by Danger and all the other books!!! Sounds like I’m going to have to write a bear shifter for fun. I’m still working on revisions with the Bound by Danger sequel, Bound for Trouble. Just been too busy with everything else! Have you read In the Dead of the Night? It’s not psychic, but the agents end up staying at one of the safe houses that was in Bound by Danger. It was my in-laws cabin at Lake Keene, and I loved it there, so it was fun to use it as a safe house. 🙂 <3

  9. Hey Terri, Haven’t read those particular books of yours but feet the Jag is more secretive with not seeing them until they wish while cougar is more visible at times but still as stealthy. Remember hearing the growl of one while I was staying at a cabin in the Black Hills as dusk as it moved through the undergrowth beside the porch.

    • Thanks so much, J! Well, I will have to seriously think about it. Just sent A Silver Wolf Christmas off to beta readers, so next it’s back to Call of the Cougar. 🙂 <3

  10. OMG bear shifters are my favorite!!!! The other bear shifter books I’ve read the bears love sweets but are brick houses as men, tall, broad shouldered, super muscular. Cat shifters of any kind are cool!!! I like the different dynamics of how the groups interact with each other and with other types of shifters.

  11. Terry, I am so in favor of a bear shifter. The idea caught in my mind with Bjornolf “Bear-Wolf”. Bears may seem lumbering, but have you ever seen any of the different types chase prey. I watch too many nature shows…
    This may sound silly since both cats are wild, but I have lived in Oregon & California & have seen cougars. (Avoid if you see them!) They aren’t as bad as people think & avoid us mostly. But they get curious. They can be sneaky & be in your barn mating with your half-wildcat barn cat before you know it.
    Your Jaguars are fascinating. Bold & wild, curious & seriously lethal with a need to be in the jungle.
    I think, of the cat shifters, it’d be easier to be with the cougar shifter. No trips to the jungle. But I’ve always been fascinated by Jaguars.
    You didn’t ask for this input, but it might help. If I had to choose among the animals posited, who NOT to fight, knowing I would lose & die. I would pick the bear, hands down. Grizzly, polar, brown or black: listed in fear order.
    I hope this was helpful and I really do hope you write a bear shifter novel.

    • LOL, Sabrina. I guess I’m just going to have to when I have time. I lived in both Oregon and California and how cool is that? But I saw bears when living in Oklahoma! 🙂 <3

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