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Some Days are Meant to be Orange

Rose Colored enhancement (800x533)
I don’t grow these, though they are beautiful and I wish I did! This was a Mother’s Day bouquet of roses, and every time I see this picture, the flowers long gone, I’m reminded of these beautiful flowers and how important it is to capture the memories and keep them close to our hearts forever.

Okay, okay, so I’m a romance author. What do you expect?

Orange means warmth that chases away the gray days (we have another today), and so I wanted to share another warmly orange picture of a gorgeous Texas sunset.

Hot Sept Storm Clouds Central Texas original (small)

And that famous shot I took, not that it was famous, but for me, it was, of the supermoon while I was flying home from a conference in Colorado. This is over Texas. Again, whether it’s the moon or the sun, it’s basking in a warm orange glow. Oh, I know, scientists have all kinds of scientific terms for stuff like this, but all I care about is the warm glow. 🙂 It’s a blog about orange, after all.

Super Moon over Texas Airliner

Some might say this is a red bear, but she really is orange.


And well, yes, the Highlands basking in an orange wolf sort of warmth. Orange is associated with warmth and creativity, sexuality, passion, and harmony.  If you wear a lot of orange, it shows you’re outgoing, busy, bright, courageous. Ironically, not really reading up on what the color meant, I have a character in Deadly Fortunes, who wears bright orange and she’s outgoing, vivacious, and lots of fun.

Heart of the Highland Wolf

It’s a matter of a pride…and a matter of pleasure.

Some colors are us. Orange isn’t mine. But I still love it for fall and for Halloween. Orange is a season–a change from hot, hot, hot here in Texas, to cooler weather. So though it’s a warm color, it signals cooler weather.

How do you feel about the color orange?

Zoo with coyotes barking 046 (640x427) (2)
Happy TGIF! 37,000 words to go on Jaguar Pride! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”