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Releases–So Far–For 2021

Oscraps pictures used to create this!

Coming Releases in 2021!

The Wolf Wore Plaid 2021–April 27, 2021

Are you ready for some more of those hunky Highland wolves?

10th Anniversary Release of Dreaming of the Wolf –Jun 29, 2021

And a brand new novella!

The Best of Both Wolves (Red Wolf)–Oct 26, 2021

More of the red wolves of Portland, Oregon area.

10th Anniversary Release of Heart of the Highland Wolf (time to be announced)

And a brand new novella!

Also, though I don’t have a schedule for it yet–the Wolff Bros 2 Christmas story.

That’s for 2021. I’m busy writing Wolff Bros 2 and will be writing Dreaming of the Wolf.

Oh, and for my polar bear and jaguar and cougar lovers, I will have something out next year, hopefully this year too. But I’ve got to get cracking. The year is running out on me.

This morning I had to ship off my broken laptop and a book that never reached one of my beta readers, and I wanted to pick up some more emergency supplies, bottled water, another lantern, another flashlight, more batteries. When Hurricane Harvey hit here, the stores were wiped out of everything. So it’s hurricane season again and we’re supposed to have a busy year. I need to pick up some more canned goods too.

So yesterday I was teaching my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter how to mend things. It’s never too early to learn! And miraculously, she was able to thread the needle for both projects for me, so I didn’t have to put on reading glasses. lol She pulled the needle through the fabric on her pants that she poked her finger through a hole and said they were broken. Then we mended her blanket that zips up into a frog pillow. But the seams had broken loose. I was teaching her how to tie a knot, but grandma couldn’t get the two threads separated to tie the first one, so I let her do it, and she’s got such little fingers, it worked like a charm. So I showed her how to do the knot.

I also let her pull the threaded needle through the fabric each time asking her which part of the fabric I had to poke the needle in next to connect the two fabrics and she was doing really good figuring that out. She wanted to be the one to poke the needle through the fabric, but later, on another project. She stuck herself twice, her face in shock, but I just smiled so she wouldn’t get upset. And then she smiled. The last time she did it to herself on purpose, touched her finger to the point of the needle to see if that really was sharp. It was. But we laughed and finished the projects.

I also have her watch me cook meals and when she can, she helps. Though she wanted to sprinkle the lemon and pepper in the food and dropped the spice container in the food. And she helps me with laundry too! Feeding the birds, the dogs, watering the plants, weeding, cleaning windows, and using one of those sponges that cleans off marks on white baseboards and doors… My daughter said something about child labor laws. lol

Just teaching ABCs isn’t all there is to life.

Okay, I was supposed to spend ALL day writing, so now I’m finally home after having to run all those errands–looked for envelopes I use to ship books in, but Walmart didn’t have any, and neither did the post office or HEB,–and now, I have to get to work.

Hope you all are staying safe and enjoying your day.


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