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Another Review for Jaguar Pride and Blogger Sites

A new review!!! Love it!

Heart of the Jaguar Series Collage

Spears once again provides a hot tropical romance with sexy jaguars and other exotic animals facing guns welding bad guys.

This is a very enjoyable and highly entertaining, Jaguar Pride won’t disappoint the shifter romance fan.~~Shauna

I’m going to a paranormal romance readers’ convention soon and so asked my publisher if she would send some donated copies of my books for bloggers that will be there and she said, yes! Soooo, that’s good news. I was disappointed to learn that they didn’t have a book seller at the book signing. We’re limited to bringing only 5 books from home to the signing. That’s awful. What do I bring? You know how this works. The book you didn’t bring is the one readers want. And this is open to the public!

When I went to the Dallas signing, it was awful. They  had it open ONLY to conference attendees and hardly anyone showed up. Readers, that is. I had a couple fans bring books to autograph, but only sold one book. Driving made it easy to bring a variety.  But without readers in attendance, it doesn’t matter.

I think it’s a travesty not to have books to sell at a signing especially when we pay so much to attend these functions, not only the cost of the convention, but the hotel and airfare. Not to mention the time away from our writing. She mentioned selling ebooks. Anyone can pick up ebooks online. You don’t need to go to a book signing for that. At least I had a number of bloggers who were interested in having books for special giveaways. They’ll be autographed. But I really want to reach my readers AT the event also. *sigh* It IS a readers event.

Okay, so we’re into training puppies some more.  I do really well some days and other days, it’s a losing battle. Yesterday, I needed to finish editing A Silver Wolf Christmas. As of today, I need 11,100 words to catch up on SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble. Yep, taking four days to edit this other book put me way behind on SEAL Wolf Diving. Soooo, I finished edits on Silver and am turning them in today, and then working on SEAL all day.

So on puppy training. They were up for 6 hours yesterday morning, wouldn’t take a nap, didn’t want them up on my lap since I’m trying to get Silver done, so I finally tried the crate. And that worked. Tried it this morning, but it’s not working.

But they were angels for about 2 hours yesterday and that forced me to keep working on SEAL for 2 hours straight until they woke. They ended up back on my lap later, because frankly, I didn’t have the time or patience (which it requires to train them right), to deal with making them nap in their beds yesterday. I really had to get Silver done. Now it is.

But now today,  I’ve got to do the writing on SEAL, and so I’m going to have the same problem as before. Limited time and way too much to do.

Puppy Training Time

Training them to nap in bed

Training them to nap in bed

And it worked!

And it worked!

As you can see, they settled down in the  other bed, and later, they moved around and were in two separate beds. But they slept and I could work undisturbed for a couple of hours. I had to keep putting them in the bed up above. You see Tanner’s look? Max is more resigned. Tanner is like, “You’re kidding me, right?” We had to do this over and over again. One would climb out or jump out, and then the other would. I kept taking the escape artist and putting him back in, whichever he was. It was funny that they didn’t both do it at the same time. They took turns. I was afraid they were just getting my attention and wouldn’t get the message. You know: negative attention is better than no attention. But they finally did and fell asleep.

next day, naptime

next day, naptime

Yesterday it was absolutely a no go. They wouldn’t stay in the bed no matter what.

puppies slept in crate instead

puppies slept in crate instead

No matter how much I tried to convince them to settle down in their bed, they wouldn’t. This was 6 hours of trying, on and off while I did edits. Soooo, I finally tried the crate and it’s near my desk, and voila, it worked. They have to nap. They get really cranky if they don’t.

They are now in their bed, so maybe….if they will. Or not. They’re playing tug of war with a chew stick. I finally put Tanner on my lap, I know, I’m so not an alpha, and he fell asleep. And then Max wanted up with us. And he’s all sighs and asleep. *sigh*

Sending Silver off so I can get back to work on SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble!

Have a lovely Friday. Can’t believe it’s already Friday. *double sigh*

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