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Wilde & Woolly Bear Time

Hamilton bear (427x640)

Hamilton Clan Bear

Blue rainbow bear and baby (624x640)

Blue Rainbow Bear and Son

Angel bear (427x640)

Angel Bear

blue rainbow bear lying down with baby (640x427) Blue rainbow bear on tummy with baby (640x577)

Finishing up orders for some more bears. Working on MacIntyre Clan Bear this morning and then he and Hamilton Clan Bear will be shipped to their new families. 🙂 <3

And then it’s back to working on guest blogs for the upcoming release: SEAL Wolf Hunting in July.

I’ve also joined up to have Exchanging Grooms in an anthology for Hot Summer Romances. I’ll share the cover as soon as it’s finalized.

I’ve also been asked to be part of a giveaway at Kilted Souls and so I gave up one of my secrets, and commenters who give the right answer will have a chance to win an autographed book! Do you know which is the correct answer?


And I need to get back to writing. But I also finally got a tripod and I’m itching to use it. *sigh* Not enough hours in the day!

Have a super great Wednesday. Been working with the puppies also on obedience training. While I finished bears yesterday and shipped them, I didn’t bother training them. Tanner is brand new at wearing the collar, so I practiced having him come and sit. Max I can do without the collar now. But Tanner is still rather clueless. I was working on Down with them. Neither care to lie down unless they’re tired. So it’s a challenge getting either of them to do Down. So we’re working on it.

Okay, back to work. Nearly down with MacIntyre Clan Bear, then will take a picture and get him ready to ship.

How is your Wednesday shaping up?


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After Writing a Book, What’s Next? Making a Bear!

Josie Confetti Bear (640x512)

Wilde & Woolly Bears


Thanks to Bonnie for her order. I only have 3 of the confetti bears left. The fabric has been discontinued at the factory, though it’s been really popular for me and it’s a shame because it’s so different, there’s nothing like it out there. It reminds me of peppermint ice cream.

When I was at an arts and crafts show one time with my bears on display, a lady asked if I used markers on her. Nope. It’s permanently dyed that way at the factory. 🙂

I had another ask if I made the bears. Yes. I did. Then she asked where I bought the bear heads. Hmmmm. I…make them.

She asked again, “No, where do you buy them?”


I don’t think she believed me. 🙂  I usually would sit and embroider paws for orders while I was at a show. So some thought that I bought the bears and “fixed” them up. This was way before build a bear existed.

Isn’t she cute?

Okay, enough goofing off. Today I have to get to all the guest blogs and interviews that have accumulated, and then???

It’s off to another book adventure.

Highlanders. Vikings. Big swords. The Viking Highland’s Lass. Are you ready???



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”