Jaguar Fever Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Jaguar Fever

Jaguar Fever has Arrived!

Jaguar Fever just arrived!

She’s being pursued by everyone, in more ways than one.
Even in an exotic world of humans, jaguars, and tantalizing creatures who shift between the two, Maya Anderson stands out from the crowd. Interest from human suitors is bad enough, but when male shifters give chase, the real trouble starts.
Who’s the hunter and who’s the prey?
Investigating the black marketing trade of exotic animals keeps Wade Patterson more than busy. When he and Maya both get entangled in a steamy jungle mission, it becomes impossible to tell who is being hunted or who the hunters are. Wade is desperate to survive this deadly game of cat and mouse. But it’s Maya’s piercing eyes that keep him awake at night.
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Starting tomorrow, I will be at various sites with a free giveaway for commenters all month long. The book will be Savage Hunger. I’ll post the links here when I have them.

Savage Hunger

He’s looking for her with a man’s passion but with a jaguar’s stealth.

But in celebration of receiving the 2nd book in the jaguar shifter series, I’m giving away an autographed copy of Jaguar Fever to two commenters.

Jaguar Fever

Hot and sexy jaguar shifters!

So my question to you?  I love research so I try to add neat tidbits that I didn’t know in the books to share with you. Have you read any of my books where you learned something and wondered if it was true? Or loved learning more?
Orchids, Moody Gardens

Orchids in the Moody Gardens Rainforest

Thanks to everyone for commenting! 🙂
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

23 thoughts on “Jaguar Fever Tour Starts Tomorrow!

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    • Thanks, Original Sin!! I’m so glad you are looking forward to his story. Maya is a character and a half. And so is Wade’s brother, David. I had way too much fun with this one and Jaguar Hunt coming next.

  2. I just love you Jaguars as much as your wolves, and I hope I win a copy of this book because I cannot afford to buy it when it comes out. I Just know it is going to be as awesome as the first one.

    • Thanks, Tara! Hope you love the book when it comes out!! No waterfall scene, but it has its own water scenes. Jaguars love the water, you know. 🙂

  3. Oh, oh, pick me, pick me! *waves hand in the air* I love the Jaguar books! I haven’t gotten to pick up the wolf book yet… but I know reading the jaguar book I learn a bunch of little things! I can’t wait to see what you’ve put in this book!! Is there another beautiful greenhouse/garden? More adventures? More sexy jaguars?! Wishing you TONS of sales, Terry!!


      • I can’t wait. My book has been on order since it first became available to order. I called bookstore to make sure they were on top of it. I wondered at the end of the last book who the sister was going to end up with. I thought it would be him. No spoilers lol. Oh yeah Terry..remember we were talking about winning books? I won 5 total last week… I was amazed 🙂 2 arrived in the mail today. I thought that was quick. I am really enjoying the Fae. Can’t wait to finish. See you on the tour!!!!!!!!

      • LOL, that’s so good and glad you’re on top of it. I need to go in and sign the ones they have next week in town. 🙂 That’s great on the wins and congrats! Glad you got The Dark Fae!!!

  4. Such a wonderful series, I fell in love with Conner after a few pages and Kat was just perfect for him. I can’t wait to read this one and learn more about the mysterious Wade and get more Maya who is so witty and feisty.

    I recently read a series called Quantum Gravity. In it some events happen that end up opening other dimensions that were parallel to ours. I started wondering could it really be possible. I guess it would explain some of the weirder things that happen. Perhaps when ppl see ghosts it’s really tears in the dimensions lol. I know Steven Hawking believes its possible.

  5. Of course when I seen the post of a chance to win a copy of Savage Hunger raced right over here. Having read most all your books but save a very few this being one of them I did not want to miss out. It has been only in the last 6 months sad to say i found out authors even cared or wanted our opinions or reviews on their books when we were finished reading them. Also your bears are adorable,seen the pics for them.

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