Really Bizarre and Totally Fascinating

At least to me.

I’m usually fairly observant about things around me. So yesterday when I was taking photographs of birds being birds, I suddenly saw the tree in front of me. Not the birds. Not anything else, but the tree. It had character. Age spots. Old moss, new moss, it was beautiful. More interesting at that moment than anything else in the world.

I wondered why I  hadn’t noticed it before. How could I have missed it? It’s big as day standing right in front of the window! Well, I did what I usually do when I find something fun and interesting, I took pictures, still not believing I hadn’t seen it before.

Have you seen Limitless? It’s violent, but it has an interesting premise–that a chemical substance can tap into all those unused brain cells of ours and make us see more clearly. The man whose story is being told is an unpublished writer who has an advance to write a book (remember I mentioned fantasy??? And how sometimes we just have to go with the story???) and he’s not written a single word and can’t. This had been going on for months. With this pill, he suddenly has the clarity to write the book in four days. And it’s brilliant. Well, it’s a dark story, but I felt like him yesterday, looking at that tree and wondering why I had never seen the beauty of it.

moss and cardinals 005 (640x427)

I just want you to know it has NOTHING to do with me. Today when I went to get my cup of green tea, it is a gray tree, nothing more.  I need another one of those pills!

In reality, what happened? Somehow the sun and the moon and the shadows and nature revealed the beauty of that tree, and then, the combination of these things went away. And now it looks like it usually does. Nondescript and the birds have all the attention again.

So if something like that catches your eye, and you think how utterly bizarre that you hadn’t noticed it before, capture it, because it may never happen again. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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