Ready for a Cougar Shifter Story?

I’ve been working on a cougar shifter story for a while after fans asked me about it. I LOVE my wolf packs. And I LOVE my jaguar shifters–they’re exotic animals, which makes them fun to write. But cougars are all over North America, and so I really wanted to write about them TOO.

And so, coming this year, the first in the series: Cougar’s Mate. The series name will be: Heart of the Cougar

I also have a book I’m revising that I hope to have out this year also:

I love historical books. I read them all the time. But my favorite is medieval and there aren’t as many of them. I love, love, love Highlanders. But I had already written a number of English historical romances and so I’m in the process of revising this one to show my other favorite genre to write about: wolf shifters. 🙂
In my wolf shifter books, they have a historical past. They live long lives. So I often have a historical background in my contemporary books. But I thought it would be fun to actually write about that historical wolf and how they coped.
This will be the first of the series. I need to come up with a series name though! 🙂  Any ideas?
I’m also working on those sexy Highland heroes, well, in this case it’s Gunnolf and he’s a Viking, but he’s got to have a Highland lass!
And I’m currently proofing A Hero of a Highland Wolf.
And Silence of the Wolf is coming out March 4, so writing up all the blogs for the blog tour for that!
And having Jaguar Pride beta read before I turn it in.
Oh, and on Cougar’s Mate, looking for second book title, maybe Call of the Cougar?
Have a lovely Saturday!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

12 thoughts on “Ready for a Cougar Shifter Story?

    • LOL, Pam, it’s been so much fun for me with studying the cougars at the various zoos, watching their behavior, learning about them. I think all the big cats are beautiful. 🙂

    • I have to agree! I totally love the wolf packs. I’m excited about starting a historical wolf pack because I’ve always loved history and writing and reading historical novels, but combining my love of wolves and the historical past is like having the best of both worlds. I still want to write my contemporary wolves and jaguars. Each has a special place in my heart. 🙂 And thanks so much for loving my wolves!!! 🙂

  1. Having been a loyal and happy wolf pack reader for some years and very pleased with the Jaguars I am looking forward to the cougar stories, a little twist for the 2nd title Call of the Cougar maybe? All I can think of for the historical series might be something like Wolves of History, will keep thinking about it :). Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks, Marg! I’m thrilled you’re loving the wolves and jaguars! Can you believe I’m releasing book 13 in the wolf series in March? When I wrote Heart of the Wolf, I didn’t know if my publisher would want any more. 🙂 I loved Bonnie’s Crouching Cougar for maybe a 3rd title. 🙂 Not sure on the wolf series. I love calling the other shifters: Heart of the Wolf series, which came into being because everyone referred to the first book in the series as such. Then with the jaguar series, I figured I’d go with that also, makes it easy, and has a romance feel to it so: Heart of the Jaguar. Now Heart of the Cougar.

    The historical wolf will be Medieval time period. Both English and Highlands. But not sure. Heart of the Medieval Wolves? LOL

  3. Ok Terry here I go . I started with your first wolf and have read them all, then I added the Jaguars, now oh yes add the Cougars I can’t wait, my part of the country call them Mountain Lions. As for your medieval wolves ,How about “Medieval Wolf and His secrets”? as for the cougar series Allusive Heart of Cougar. Well I am trying. You my beloved friend just keep them coming Love Lois

    • Ahhh, thanks so much, Lois! I’m having so much fun writing Cougar’s Mate. I thought of calling them mountain lions, where I’ve lived, they called them that also. But it’s such a long name for a title. Puma sounds too soft, like pussycat. LOL 🙂 Cougar has the nice hard k sound, so works. 🙂 Heart of the Cougar will be the series name for the cougar shifter romances. Not sure on the medieval wolf shifters. I want something that’s memorable, and not too long. 🙂 It’s like I called my medieval Highlander series just: The Highlanders. Simple and easy to remember. 🙂

  4. I know I’m probably 100% random…. but I was curious to know if anyone has thought of a wolf shifter (guy) falling in love with a sassy tiger shifter (gal)?

    If not then I think that it’s just me thinking too deep or getting crazy ideas! XD
    I’m highly interested in your book here, Terry! And I’ve got to say, I’m LOVING your book: Jaguar Hunt!

    I’ve only bought is yesterday (Fri 6th) and am already nearing the halfway point in the book! I just can’t put it down! Kudos to you on creating such an electrifying and exciting read!

    I can’t wait to get my ‘paws’ on Jaguar Hunger and Jaguar Fever! (Pardon my pun there ;))
    Keep up your superb writing, Hun! I’ll keep my eyes on the lookout for more fun! =3

    ~Angie W.

    • LOL, I’ve had several ask if I’m going to get the jags and wolves in the same book. I’m going to have to. I have an idea in mind, but I need to think about it more. 🙂 Now, would they mate? Hmmm, that would be pretty unusual. But they might!

      Thanks so much. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying Jaguar Hunt!! 🙂 Jaguar Pride will be out next year. That’s about Tammy’s brother, Huntley, so lots more fun! 🙂

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