Do You have Change for a Million Dollar ($1,000,000) Bill?




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Okay, so I was researching about the various high dollar amount denominations so that I can make an issue in Cougar’s Mate realistic, and ran across this article on the various amounts of these currencies still left.

As of 5 years ago, only a little over 300 of the $10,000 and $5,000 bills are in circulation. But over 150 thousand $1,000 bills, so we’re good.

But what I found so funny was the two articles that related to individuals using “million dollar notes” to buy goods at Walmart. One was in Georgia, the other in North Carolina. Don’t they know that Walmart clerks are trained in not giving out that much change for a million dollar bill?

Chuckling here.

Can you imagine??? “Okay, wait, I don’t have $999,524 in my register. Let me get some from all the clerks’ cash registers, a few banks and….”


Haven’t they ever watched those movies that show that using counterfeit dollars of a small denomination, though still not easy, is a safer bet? Especially when a $1,000,000 bill doesn’t even exist?

The other thing you have to be careful of is spending a $1,000 antique bill at the bank. Well, trying to cash them in. Especially if you’re a teenager and on the lam after robbing a parents’ safe of the $1,000 bill. Yep, all three of the boys got nabbed.

Okay, see, this is what happens when I do research. I learn all kinds of things I didn’t know!

Did you know any of this?

Have a great Thursday! And may your dreams be filled with million dollar wonders, but if you ever receive one of those million dollar bills, don’t try to spend it at Walmart.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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