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Onward and upward! Next on the agenda is The Viking’s Highland Lass, but  I had to finish listening to the audio book chapters for The Trouble with Demons to proof it and then make the suggested changes, so was working on that since 0-dark thirty this morning. I keep running out of WiFi time, *sigh*, and some of that is from having to download and proof the two audio books I’ve been going over. And some of it is from downloading pictures for book covers.

So I finished and sent it off, then remembered I’d received another interview I have to fill out. No wonder I wonder where the day has gone to and I haven’t gotten any writing done. But that’s okay, since all this other stuff needs to be done also.

Okay, so one of my beta readers is going over Cougar’s Mate and asked if the time would be right for the heroine to run as a cougar. To make sure it is as accurate as possible, I made certain the time was right. So if you read Cougar’s Mate, I will let you in on a secret. She can’t tell you how far she went and how long it took her each day because she has no idea. No watch, you see. And no pedometer.

So here’s the story–a cougar’s range is usually 50-150 miles. But they don’t travel during the day most of the time. They make day beds and then hunt at dusk and dawn. One cougar they know of had traveled 1500 miles, but they had no idea how long it had taken him. They travel around 15-20 miles per day. Which would make sense if their rage is only 50-150 miles.

Now, she would be moving a little faster to leave her area, but on the other hand, she’d have to be really careful not to be spotted either by humans or trespassing in a bear or wolf pack’s territory. She has to hunt for food. She doesn’t even really know where she’s going.

So, now the place is fiction, but if I said she went from Canyon, Texas to the Rocky Mountain National Park, and she’s only able to travel 15 miles per day, that would be 33 days. If 20, then 25 days. They travel in a zig-zag path looking for prey.

Isn’t that cool? 

And here you thought I just made all this stuff up. 🙂 

Have a super great Tuesday!!!



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  1. Thanks, Lori! I love researching and learning new things. Yesterday, it was so much fun when a fan sent me a link about a jaguar getting high on a root in South America. So I looked up that info and didn’t find that one but another. It’s really fun. 🙂

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