Eau de… Skunk


With the coming of spring, so too come the skunks. In my shifter series, my jaguars, cougars, and wolves have a better sense of smell than humans do. But there’s one thing that humans can smell very well without the enhanced abilities of their wilder halves and that is–skunk. And this morning, I woke to its overwhelming fragrance.


I think of Pepe Le Pew: “Ah! This leetle one wishes to commit suicide to prove her love for me. What a sweet gesture. Never-the-less, I must prevent eet!”

And I admit, I hated that he was so in love and they were the typical star crossed lovers. I always wanted him to find a REAL skunk to fall in love with.

 I ran into one in the side yard one time at night when I went to turn off my water, and it immediately hid behind a sheet of plywood my dad had leaning against the house, have no idea why, but I had to wait until the next morning to turn off the water, AND move that piece of plywood to get rid of the “cute” little skunk’s hiding place.

When my parents were a newly married couple, they had to get the first prerequisite child–a boxer puppy, and once when they were boating on a Texas lake when she was about a year old, the dog got skunked while they were on shore, so rather than let her in the boat for a while, they made her swim after the boat. Suffice it to say, the dog was still wearing eau de skunk until they could scrub her down later.

So when we think of spring flowers and the new green leaves appearing on the trees, we also have the reminder that Pepe Le Pew is on his way looking for that purrrrfect mate. So… get out of his way!

spring flowers 001 (640x637)

Has Pepe Le Pew visited you, too???

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

4 thoughts on “Eau de… Skunk

  1. Skunks ! Well I’ve had two within the last month. Our house is a little above ground and we have siding down to the ground and covered. I guess they were looking for new digs. Had to have Fish and Game take them to a preserve. Had a lot of cancels burning for awhile, I loved those cartoons.

  2. Oh yeah, where we live, we have visits from them!! Several years ago, there was a momma, daddy and baby living under my next door neighbors shed! They would take a walk around the neighborhood every afternoon before dark. They were really bad that year. Now we just have the occasional one. I always loved Pepe Le Pew too!

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