Only 2 More Blog Stops!! For Silence of the Wolf & A Black Bear and Vulture Friends!

I’m at Sia’s Thoughts over Coffee today for another chance and have one more on Monday, and that’s it! 🙂

black bear coming toward us (640x427)
A black bear and his turkey vulture friends.

And I just completed Matheson Clan Bear triplets for another order and will be shipping them today!
Matheson bears (640x239) (2)


In previous posts, I’ve shown the turkey vultures surrounding the lion and lioness as if they were part of their royal court. And actually perched on top of a rhino that was sleeping. I’ve never seen the bear up and moving around. And I’ve never seen the turkey vultures in his exhibit. So see? They might not be the greatest pictures as far as photography goes, but as far as subject, pretty cool, don’t you think?

black bear side vultures (640x427)

I managed to get to 27,000 yesterday, despite being on a LIVE blog tour from noon until midnight. And I should make my goal by the weekend of 30,000, maybe more.

If you have a chance or the inclination, drop by Sia’s blog and comment for a chance at a win!

Have a super great TGIF! 🙂

Oh, and I’m from the bear state of California, and I’m researching grizzlies in Montana for A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and I saw the bear at the zoo, so what do you think I had a nightmare about???


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