Highlanders, Baby Bunnies and Dragonflies!

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I’m still waiting for it to show up on Kobo and Google Play, but it’s now up on B&N!

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Print proof is ready for me to review, but trying to get somewhere on His Wild Highland Lass.
Now that Her Highland Hero is on Amazon, I’ve uploaded it for a narrator for the audiobook format!

It’s been so hot, I’ve had to go out and water and while I did so, I scared a baby bunny from her hiding place behind a shrub. And of course, what did I have to do? Run and get my camera.

baby bunny (640x506)

Not only that, but I saw a dragonfly on the top of my pyracantha. The bad news is that it means there are voracious bugs eating my plants. And you can see that from the way they are stripped naked on top. But that is a nice place for my sentinel bird to perch, so some good comes of it. The other good news is the dragonfly will help to take care of the bugs.

I wasn’t sure, as far away as the dragonfly was, nor how high up it was, that I could even get a shot of him. It was hard to see what I was doing. Same with the bunny too. Mostly, I was just seeing light. And we had strong winds and the dragonfly was fluttering his wings rapidly trying to hang on to the branch, but I still managed to get a shot, winds and all.

dragonfly pink (640x427)

When I went out the second time to move the water, I discovered two dragonflies feeding! So naturally, I had to dash back in the house, grab the camera, and try to catch them both.

2 hungry dragonflies feasting

Who would ever thought on such a hot and miserable day, I could find such wonders?

Back to the air conditioned cool and the hot Highlanders. 🙂


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