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Charlotte, NC 001 (640x427) clouds on buildings

I loved all the glass buildings, and kept thinking what an industry the window cleaning business would have there. Now, if they had men in kilts, that they actually have in Scotland, who window wash, even better!

Speaking of Scots, or in my case, medieval Highlanders, my Taming the Wild Highlander won the Bookie Award for Best Historical Novel of the Year at Authors After Dark!!!

Book 4, The Highlanders Series

Angus MacNeill’s story, 4th Book in The Highlanders Medieval romance series

Edana Chattan senses concerns where people she knows could be in danger. When her brothers warn her they’re in trouble, she can’t convince her father to listen to her, so with an escort, she tries to locate them. Separated from her escort during a storm, she is discovered by Angus MacNeill, who is tasked to return her right home.Only Edana has other notions–and convinces him and his companions to allow her to use her abilities to locate her brothers who are manacled in a dungeon somewhere. That leads to a faux marriage and more dungeons and more trouble than Angus had ever thought possible. So why is the bewitching, fiery-haired lass making him think of marrying her for real?
ARe books


Reviews for Hero of a Highland Wolf!

herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)

herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)




Author: Terry Spear

Release Date: August 5, 2014

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Paranormal Romance


The MacQuarrie werewolf clan has overseen the Playfair family’s Ardmore Castle for three centuries. So when a Playfair granddaughter from abroad inherits the estate, clan chief Grant MacQuarrie has to train her to manage it—and he’s not happy about having her in his way. Until the prim old lady he’s expecting turns out to be a sexy young wolf…

Colleen Playfair is excited and apprehensive about her new role at the castle, and she has big plans to change the way its run. But the stubborn Grant won’t make things easy, and she’s forced to turn to seduction to get her way…

A Hero of a Highland Wolf : How difficult can one Highlander be?
Book 14 (Aug, 2014)



Woohoo, 5 Wine Glasses and I’m ready to drink every one of them!!!
“Her Highland wolves tales are incredible, rousing, entertaining adventures and can be counted on to leave my face sore from smiling. If you are craving a really good paranormal read with SEXY kilted Highland wolves, smokin’ hot chemistry, nonstop action, thrilling suspense, danger, surprising twists and beautiful Scottish settings, look no further than HERO OF A HIGHLAND WOLF!”


“Very fun, full of humor, romance, and wonderful characters. You are swept off your feet as if on your own highland adventure. Loved Grant, he is obstinate and knows there is something with Colleen but as any good man who doesn’t want to fall, he crashes and I relished in it. Fantastic read.” 5 Stars

Thanks to Books N Kisses! “I enjoy the humor that Spear adds to her paranormal romance. If you are a fan of shape shifters then you will really enjoy this book. You do not need to have read the series to read this book even though you will certainly want to go back and read them all.” 4.5 Hearts

I love this review from a “Cat” who loves the wolves. Now that’s saying a lot. Thanks to Cat!
“This was such a fun book! I really enjoyed it. I loved the banter between Grant, an alpha Highlander wolf, and Colleen, an alpha, American she-wolf. It was so much fun to watch them try to one-up the other in order to have control. However, when they finally submitted to their feelings, there was nothing sweeter! There was playful fun, suspense and danger, love and some steamy scenes too! Couldn’t ask for much more!”

Okay, if you don’t know what the pluses and minuses of inheriting a castle are, just in case you inherit one, you know, this is a must read. And if you are quite sure you won’t inherit one, you might just read up on it in case a friend of yours inherits and you get to visit….often.

Once, I told my daughter that I should write darker, because that’s what was selling. She said, “Mom, you can’t write totally dark. You always have rainbows in your stories.” 🙂 <3 Love her! The humor just creeps in. With my very first book, Heart of the Wolf, I loved that two reviews mentioned my humor.  Humor is always so subjective, and so I never know if readers will see what I write as humorous or not. And I think as I’ve progressed with my writing, I’ve felt more freedom to write more humor that I was afraid would not fly with my publisher. One of my former critique partners was an English high school teacher and she was more of a slapstick kind of humor writer. But when she read mine, she said, “The humor just sneaks up behind you when you weren’t even looking.” I loved that too.

Another wonderful review!!! “A fun read, HERO OF A HIGHLAND WOLF, the fourteenth book in best-selling, award-winning author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE WOLF series, is a witty, sexy paranormal romance that will have readers laughing out loud.”

From a really great site! I know, because I got 5 out of 5 fangs, and that HAS to be great, don’t you think????!!!  “This was a great mix between Wolf/ highlander book! I loved every min of it…I loved the writing in this book and the feel of the characters. Not only did you have a great story to read but because the author did such a amazing job telling the story you were able watch it come to life in my head! it was terrific read, and the hot sexy men in kits never hurt!!!” 5 out of 5 Fangs Paranormal Romance And Authors That Rock—–Hey, that’s me!!!

Another fantastic review! I got all the links while I was in the airplane, and definitely something fun to come home to. This site really knows what they’re talking about, too!!! Can you tell I’M BACK…play evil music here. “[T]the backbone of this story is the relationship between the couple and their antics and interaction won me over! Sword fights, pirates and unusual flags! This was a genuinely amusing story.”

 Got home from the airport yesterday and they were missing my bag and several others. Argh.  And the AC wasn’t working. Can you think of anyone who would be involved in such mischief? The fae. I know, I know, no one believes that they have that much power, but….

It was 96 degrees and HOT outside, and 87 inside! It was cool in Charlotte and I miss that!

Off to ship Buchanan Clan Bear, Armstrong Clan Bear, Poodle Skirt Bear, MacBear, and US Navy Bear! It looks like Christmas in my car with all the packages!!!

Buchanan Clan Bear (640x582)clan bear book (392x640)Armstrong Clan Bear (640x594)US Navy Bear (551x640)Pink Sweater Poodle Skirt Bear


And I finished another bear, but I have to make another bear to complete the order.

Mauve mohair bear (640x497)2

I only have one more of these bears. It’s a mohair.

And now I’m off to get a million things done, priority, proof an audiobook this morning and approve it. Have another after that. And I have 8 more bears to make. 🙂 <3

And a book to write!

Etc, etc, etc. It’s going to be a GREAT day!!! 🙂 <3  Mainly because my plants didn’t die while I was gone and my AC is now working!!! Have a super wonderful Monday!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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  1. Congrates on Taming the Wild Highlander award !! Isn’t it great to go on an adventure but its still great to get home. You sure deserved it !! Have a great day ♥

    • Lori, I so agree! I had a ball at conference. Loved seeing everyone, had fun seeing the sights. And when I got home, a lady from LA asked what there was to eat out at
      , like a fancy steakhouse. We have Outback, but that’s about it as far as that goes. And nothing’s really special here, just a lot of franchises. So I do love that about going someplace else. But I slept really well last night, and there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed at night! 🙂 <3

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