Last Teddy Bear of the Year! And Totally Goofy Weather!

Davidson Clan Bear

Davidson Clan Bear

The clan fabric was ordered in Oct, but never arrived, so they had to ship it again. So here he is, finally! And that’s the last of the teddy bear orders for Christmas. I have 3 boxes of bears to ship.

I’ll be making up some more bears eventually, just to have some more ready for orders next year. That’s the only way I stay ahead of the game–make them to have a back stock. But everything’s clean and I hate making a mess again so soon.  Especially since I’ll have company again for Christmas.

I’ve been working a little on Phantom Fae. But I had 11 chapters to critique for one of the stories in the Kissing the Highlander anthology and then had to reread my chapters and upload them. So that took most of the day, and finishing up the bear and getting him ready to ship.

Now I need to finish the last 2 chapters and epilogue for my critique partner and make the changes she suggested on mine as she sends them to me. I’m also working on Phantom Fae, trying to get a 1000 words a day. Not as many as I usually try to do, but that’s because I’m still working on His Wild Highland Lass changes also. Once that’s finally done, I’ll begin formatting the anthology also for the 5 of us authors who are doing this together. So as usual, lots of projects going on!

Oh, and then before I know it, it will be the new year. And that means new deadlines all over again. Trying to get Phantom Fae done this month. 🙂

Anyway, I’m up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, so working on Phantom Fae edits!

If I’m not going to sleep, I might as well do something!

Ever do that?

Oh, oh, and I really should check out the weather from time to time. It was 75 yesterday! And this morning at 3:23, 63. By 8 am, it’s going to be 40 degrees. And the high today??? 48 degrees. Talk about goofy weather. And then??? On Thurs, 72, and Fri, 75. No wonder we can’t get used to the weather!



Have a super great Monday, 1st day of December! Have you got your month planned out?

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8 thoughts on “Last Teddy Bear of the Year! And Totally Goofy Weather!

  1. You blow me away with your energy, Terry. I love that your bears will be putting a big smile on little, and big, faces for Xmas. Our weather in Canada has been pretty crazy this year too, was 9 yesterday and going down to minus 12 tonight apparently.

    • Ack, Anne, way too cold for me!!! My bears would have to wear coats up there. Not just sweaters, but coats. lol On Saturday, I played a game ALL day, well, after the kids left, which is why I don’t play them very often any longer. They had given it to me several months ago, but I was so swamped with deadlines, I didn’t dare play it. I don’t hardly get anything else done when I’m solving mysteries in a game. So yesterday and today, I’m trying to make up for it. 🙂 <3

    • 🙂 <3 Thanks so much, Viki! I love making the bears. I love having a nice clean house, but when I give up on writing for the day, I want to be working on the bears while I'm watching a show. It just seems a waste of time if I'm not accomplishing something at the same time. 🙂 Oh, wow, on your snow and crazy weather. These 30 degree swings in temp are too wild to keep up with. I think one of the things that woke me was I was too warm. But while I was working on the computer, the temp was dropping fast and I got really chilled. 🙁

  2. My one track mind is amazed at your ability to do so many things at once. Loved the pictures of the dogs, they are some cuties. There was an old saying that went something like, “If you don’t like the weather here in Texas, just wait a couple of days and it will change”.

    • Tom, I think it was, wait a few minutes. 🙂 LOL. It’s way too cold from what it was last night! The winds began to howl and it sounded like rain. I have a puddle of water on my driveway this morning, so must have rained.

      I get more done if I have more to do. 🙂 Although when I really get into a book, I get more writing on it done if I’m not editing other books. Still, I get stuck and so working on other stuff helps to unstick me. 🙂

      Yeah, their dogs are cute. My son has a big black cat and a lhaso apso poodle mix that are really cute. But they left them at his in-laws. That would have been interesting to have them all here at once! All of them have the sweetest personalities.

  3. your bears are beautiful and as for the weather cold and rainy here in Yuba City, Calif. I love it smells so good! Now for when I can’t sleep at night I am reading your books and some of my other favorite paranormal romance novels by flashlight. You guys keep me entertained and even though I have hundreds of books on my kindle I still have to keep a look out at the store for new paper back books from all of you. There is nothing like reading a real book with actual pages to turn. The smell of a new book is kind of like getting a new box of crayons! <3 my books 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Cathy! I so agree. I have a Nook, but I love reading paperbacks most of all. 🙂 <3 I'm thrilled that you're enjoying my books! Stay warm with a wolf. 🙂

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