Christmas in February–Snow in the Heart of Texas!

When I lived in Amarillo, we had snow. A lot. But in Central Texas, years can pass and no snow. The day before we had ice, which has been unusual also of late. So I had taken the puppies out first thing in the morning, hoping that the sidewalk wouldn’t be icy and it wasn’t! But it was raining and we had thunder and lightning, so I was hurrying them along to get back inside.

About two hours later, while working on proofing a book, I took them out again. It was still thundering, but to my amazement, it was snowing!!!

Since the puppies are puppies, they’ve never seen ice or snow before. So this has been a new experience for them. And for me? It’s like Christmas. Which means? I’m out there taking pictures, knowing that it’s not going to last and I have to have proof that we really did have snow in February in 2015!

Oh, I know, some of you that are eyeball deep in snowdrifts are going to be shaking your heads. But really, if you had flowers in February, when you’re normally eyeball deep in snowdrifts, wouldn’t you make a big deal of it? Sure.

So here’s our snow day…and an ice picture or two.

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Havanese Paw Prints in Snow

Havanese Paw Prints in Snow

puppies and snow (640x427)

And there you have it! Christmas in February in Central Texas!

I’m off to work on all the stuff I have neglected while I’ve been trying to finish the book. Need to get to work on 2 teddy bears pronto. Others are stacking up quick. 🙂 <3 And then, have to get started on the She-Wolf book before I get behind on it. It will be the first book I have written where a she-wolf is running a pack. And yes, it’s based off a true wolf pack story. 🙂

Puppies are sleeping on my lap–Max just growled—in his sleep. Wonder what he is dreaming about? He’s started to go into hunting mode–the prey, Tanner. It’s the funniest thing. I really got them for research in canine behavior for my wolf stories. He’s done it twice now that I’ve seen. He’ll crouch down low, head down, tail down, and move cautiously toward Tanner. The first time I saw him do it was in front of the AC guy. We just watched, fascinated. Tanner was standing up to him, tail up, anticipating. Then Max and Tanner started to play, really gentle like. They can get pretty wild, so I was glad with an audience, they were good. So then this next time, Tanner laid down on his belly, head up, anticipating. I wish I could get it on video. But often when I grab my camera, they’ll stop what they’re doing, look at me, and come over for attention. 🙂

And we’ve just finalized Call of the Cougar’s audiobook, so it should be coming out in a couple of weeks.

Have a super great day!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas in February–Snow in the Heart of Texas!

  1. Right now, looking out my window, all I can see is snow; so yes I’m shaking my head. If I could see a flower I would be thrilled ( that’s how you feel about snow right now). But snow is cold, wet, heavy and has to be shoveled all the time and flowers are just very, very pretty, very low maintenance. But it is coming to an end, I hope!!! And then Spring!

    • LOL, Diane, I know. I almost hate posting about it, but it’s fun for us because it’s here and gone, no shoveling required. 🙂 But I wouldn’t want to be buried under snow for months. 🙂 <3 We rarely get snow. It's like anything. I love storms because it breaks up the heat and same old sun. But when I lived in Oregon, the sun was such a welcome sight! 🙂

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