So Close…

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The miniature roses are in bloom!

I’m so close to the end of word count, but the way it always happens is I end up writing about 7,000 or more words as I’m finishing up the story. 🙂 But that means rereading and rereading to make sure that I catch all the changes I’ve made as I’ve gone along in the story, and explain any loose ends. And flesh out some of the scenes. Like in one, they were talking. And talking. And talking. Which is really important. But, I needed to have some action and show something of their surroundings while they’re talking so that the reader still feels grounded in the story. 🙂

So things like that start to add up word count, but at a much slower pace. Which is why I still haven’t reached it, but am getting there. 8900 words to go.

It always amazes me when I start a new book and I have Chapter 1. That’s it. The title. And somehow get to THE END.

Off to whittle some more of the word count down. I can’t wait until I have really written the end, and can read all the way through for just enjoyment.

Have a super great TGIF!

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