Shadows: Jet Airliner

I thought of Steve Miller and Jet Airliner when I was writing this blog.

But when I was flying, it’s usually dark, early morning, or late evening. Today it was early afternoon, and for the first time, I caught sight of the shadow of the plane racing across Texas. I thought it was so cool, I had to take a picture. My battery was flashing and I knew I was running out of battery power, but when we went over the lake, I wished I had gotten one of that too. Instead, I just enjoyed watching it skim over the water and got a picture of it flying across the trees down below.

The Shadow

The Shadow

Don’t you think that’s pretty cool? Or am I the only one who sees things like this and is intrigued?

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5 thoughts on “Shadows: Jet Airliner

  1. Some people dislike the beginning and end of a flight maybe because of fear of taking off and landing? Anyway, those are the best parts to me because there is so much more to see. When they fly so high that you cannot see much landscape detail then it’s either nap time or people watching. I remember people joking about the movies that airlines showed on the really long flights. lol. I have never been on one of those, does anyone know if they still do that?

    • Yes they do, Tom. When I went to Scotland, they did. The most dangerous time I’ve heard is takeoff and landing, so that might have something to do with not liking it! 🙂 I like taking pictures of the clouds too! 🙂

  2. My dad flew a small aircraft for his work. He could get to several jobs a day that way. We went with him a lot on other flights. When we would fly over farms and they had their chickens out, the chickens would run in all directions when the shadow of the plane flew over.

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