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Shadows: Jet Airliner

I thought of Steve Miller and Jet Airliner when I was writing this blog.

But when I was flying, it’s usually dark, early morning, or late evening. Today it was early afternoon, and for the first time, I caught sight of the shadow of the plane racing across Texas. I thought it was so cool, I had to take a picture. My battery was flashing and I knew I was running out of battery power, but when we went over the lake, I wished I had gotten one of that too. Instead, I just enjoyed watching it skim over the water and got a picture of it flying across the trees down below.

The Shadow

The Shadow

Don’t you think that’s pretty cool? Or am I the only one who sees things like this and is intrigued?

Have a wonderful day!!


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Cloud Art from a Jetliner over Dallas, Texas

Storm clouds over Texas art (640)

I love clouds, but they can be dangerous when the storms are severe. I’ve had numerous flight delays or cancellations when traveling in the volatile stormy States–over Dallas, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Omaha, and Pensacola, to name a few of the more recent ones.

A couple of times, I’ve been stuck flying around in circles, waiting for the storm system to move off so we could safely land. One time, we were running on fumes and had to finally land in another state!

And I’ve missed a few important activities, my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner, and only just managed to reach the tail end of an important book signing where fans had traveled to see me from cities and a state or two farther away.

They had lightning strikes over Dallas at the rate of 5 a minute over the airport last Monday, so you never know how bad it will be until you’re on your way to the airport, in the plane, flying over an area, or trying to land.

So here is a bit of cloud art from a big old jetliner over Dallas last year, when my first flight was cancelled, I missed my connection, I made it out of Dallas, was in a circling pattern over Atlanta, finally landed there despite the severe storms, then they wouldn’t let us off the plane because it was too dangerous for ramp personnel to deplane us. Then when we finally were allowed off the plane, the same situation with getting our bags. Too dangerous.

That was the signing I ended up at for only 10 minutes and right afterwards, a whole group of us authors went to dinner and had margaritas. And all was well. I love HEA. Don’t you?