The Life of a Sunflower

Life of a Sunflower

Life of a Sunflower

Last night before I forgot to take some pictures of the sunflowers growing at the edge of my property I snapped some shots. The farmer was going to cut them down, but no, they propagate every year, I don’t have to plant or water them, and every year, they cheer me.

Here is the life of a sunflower in one shot–the brand new baby to the left, full of hope and enthusiasm, coming soon to spread his petals wide and capture the sun and share his joy, the middle one at old age that is just as beautiful as he begins to fade away, but is still colorful and interesting at his advanced age, fading, but not forgotten, and the middle aged flower in full bloom, glorying in the freedom and beauty he possesses. They will all leave seeds for their progeny to arise again.

And that is the life of a sunflower.

sunflowers new , old, not yet born bw

Off to write! I had planned 4,000 words yesterday, but I was messing with ibooks again, and I ended up getting all 7 of the fae books up there. So that was neat. But I have another 30+ books to convert and upload, so this will take some time.

And I want to keep ahead of the game. I did get 2,000 words yesterday, and I only  planned 2,000 today, soooo, that means 4,000 today instead. I’ve been editing the book, which always means cutting and adding and cutting, so word count doesn’t grow as fast as writing new scenes. even so, only 22,000 to go! 🙂

Have a great TGIF!!!

I was so glad yesterday wasn’t it! I would have lost a day of writing! Hope yours is great!


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  1. Ah Lucky you… live South enough that the Sunflower and other beautiful flowers are Perennials …the Creator see fit to share with us all this gifts to Brighten Our lives. We on the other hand have to plant many of then every year. They are Annual flowers they cannot survive our colder temperatures . Happy writing my friend.

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