The Sunflower and the Bumblebee–Fun with Macro Lenses

Bumblebees are aggressively territorial. At my other home about a mile from here, I couldn’t step out my front door without one dive bombing me in the summer months. They’re big, and even though I’m a lot bigger, that’s still unnerving.

So here I was, trying to capture some macro shots of the sunflowers before the season is over, and I get really, really close to the flower, too close, look to see what I was capturing, ack, the bumblebee is back. Sooo, I quickly stepped back a bit, and took several shots.

Fading sun last night, telephoto lenses.

Sunflower with Bumblebee

Sunflower with Bumblebee

With Macro Lenses today brighter time of day.

Sunflower and the Bumblebee, macro shot

Sunflower and the Bumblebee, macro shot

The sun behind the flower makes it appear almost translucent, the shadow of a stem showing right through it.

sunflower and dying sunflower (640x581)

The sunlight was behind the flower, so it made the bumblebee and flower dark. I had to lighten them to show the details. It’s better to take the pictures in overcast or lower light, but bumblebees don’t appear on schedule, so, I took my chances and it gives it a different look anyway, and that’s fun too.


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