Golden Lights Reflecting off Eilean Donan Castle at Night

Golden lights on Eilean Donan Castle at night. We, Vonda Sinclair, Author, and her friend Karen and I, stayed at a bed and breakfast near there and went back out at night to take pictures. October, some years back.

— at Eilean Donan Castle.

Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Isn’t it beautiful? I thought about how it would be, no lights, just sitting there in the dark while invaders pondered how to plunder it. Torches would be the only lighting then as the enemy moved around in the pitch dark.

Seeing a beautiful bit of man-made history makes me think of that historical past, doesn’t it you?

Highland Rake 160

And it makes me think of the romance element! Of course. 🙂

Highland Rake, Book 3
Dougald MacNeill takes Lady Alana Cameron to his laird brother James’s Craigly Castle when he finds her roaming the heather on the MacNeill lands. But who has sent her there and why? Her uncle, laird of the Cameron clan, and warring with the MacNeill for years, has made a marriage arrangement with another clan and now that is even at stake.
Having witnessed her father’s death, and even believing he had returned her home when all along he had been dead, Alana discovers she has the gift, or curse, of seeing the newly departed and sometimes those who should have long ago passed over. Her own deceased brother continues to plague her, the rake, and now another, who is very much of the flesh, Dougald MacNeill, has her thinking marrying a rake might just have its benefits. Dougald’s sister, who is one fiesty ghost, has offered to help Alana keep Dougald in line if he thinks of even straying.
But who sent Alana on a fool’s errand in the first place to remove her from the Cameron’s lands and set her squarely in Dougald’s care, and who really killed her father and her brother, and what has it all to do with Alana? Will she and Dougald learn the truth before it is too late?



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