Shadows and Reflections

Shadow on Hill and Reflection in Water

Shadow on Hill and Reflection in Water

Shadows and Reflections on Water

Shadows and Reflections on Water

When I was in Scotland, I took hundreds of pictures, until my battery died, and I was so disappointed. I couldn’t take pictures again until after we returned from an island, and I never had pictures of the island or the ruins we saw there. Ugh.

But I’ve never shared tons of these pictures because I had so many, shared lots, and then that was it. So as I was looking over some of them, I found some interesting shots.

These are shadows reflected on the hills from another hill, and both the hills and shadows reflected in the water. The water is so glass like, it’s hard to tell in the bottom shot that it was actually a reflection and not just ground.

But aren’t they beautiful?

I thought they turned out nicely, considering we were in motion at the time. 🙂

I love water, so take lots of pictures of water. I also love hills and mountains and trees. Since Scotland has it all, I had fun!

But I also want to make my stories as accurate as possible. One of the things I wanted to see was trees for wolves to run in. But so much of the landscape is uninhabited, that they could really run all over the place and never be seen. 🙂 <3


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2 thoughts on “Shadows and Reflections

  1. My camera has a detachable battery so I always try to remember to carry a spare. For what it’s worth, the replacements that I have bought are not nearly as good as the original one that came with the camera. That has proven true with replacement phone batteries also. But a cheap one in the pocket is better than nothing in a pinch. Don’t the best photo opportunities happen when you cannot get them?

  2. I so agree, Tom!! It’s so important. I will probably never get back to that island. Back then, I didn’t have a cell phone that would take pictures. Now I do. So I’ll have that, and maybe a small power shot. It’s better than nothing. 🙂 My daughter tells me just to enjoy the scenery, but I do. And for years, I’ve enjoyed the pictures and remembered the details of visits to various places. It’s captured forever. 🙂

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